Birth Stone in November<3

Hi all! SKYです~!


今日は11月のBirth Stone -バースストーン- である『Citrine -シトリン-』のご紹介。

I would like to introduce [Citrine], which is a birthstone in November♪


富と繁栄をもたらすと言われている『Citrine -シトリン-』



[Citrine] is believed as a stone which brings wealth and prosperity.

It is also known as a symbol of luck of money and finance.

Some people carry this stone to have better relationships.



『Hipster White-ヒップスター-』『Aphrodite-アフロディーテ-』『Lucky you-ラッキーユー-』


Here is our items which are used energetic Citrine.

[Hipster White] [Aphrodite] and [Lucky you].


Don’t forget to check these out!!


SKY from Las Vegas&Sedona USA<3